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Blue Shark, Blue Whaler,  Blue Pointer
Image ID: 29537
Common Name: Blue Shark, Blue Whaler, Blue Pointer
Scientific Name: Prionace glauca
Location: Pacific
Description: A Blue Shark, also known as the Blue Whaler or Blue Pointer, cruising in the vastness of the open ocean in the South Pacific. Note the accompanying Pilotfish, which feed on scraps from the shark’s messy feeding behaviour – a hazardous symbiosis. The pilotfish also feed on parasites of the shark, providing a useful service.
Keywords: Blue Shark, Blue Whaler, Blue Pointer, Oceanic Blue Shark, Prionace glauca, Pilotfish, Naucrates doctor, Pacific, fish,, blue, sunlight, streamlined, scary, predator, graceful, symbiosis
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