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Sperm whale
Image ID: 29563
Common Name: Sperm whale
Scientific Name: Physeter macrocephalus
Location: New Zealand
Description: A bull sperm whale raises its fluke high in air to begin a feeding dive near the Kaikoura coastline, New Zealand. Here, sperm whales typically dive to depths of 1000 metres (3000-3500 ft) or more, staying down for 40-45 minutes on an average dive. One dive off Kaikoura took 1 hour 47 minutes. In total blackness the whale will hunt for squid and bottom-dwelling fish. The Sperm Whale is the largest predator on Planet Earth.
Keywords: Physeter macrocephalus, whale, cetacean, sperm whale, sea mammal, predator, black, leviathan, fluke, diving, feeding, descent, New Zealand, Kaikoura
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