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Killer whale, orca
Image ID: 29582
Common Name: Killer whale, orca
Scientific Name: Orcinus orca
Location: Antarctic
Description: Three killer whales ‘spyhopping’ in unison to see ‘What’s for breakfast?’ up on sea ice – in this case the photographer who is standing on the edge of Ross Ice Shelf. Fortunately killer whales don’t eat humans – even those with cameras. Wind, currents, and summer warmth have got rid of all floating ice floes, so the sea looks like ‘anywhere’. This is possibly the only photo in existence showing three Orca spyhopping in unison - other photos show one or two animals, or Orca at different stages of spyhopping.
Keywords: Orca, killer whale, Orcinus orca, spyhopping, Ross Ice Shelf, mammal, whale, cetacean, Delphinidae, predator, pod, pack, scary, frightening, danger, blue, white, black, synchronised
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