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Paper Nautilus
Image ID: 29641
Common Name: Paper Nautilus
Scientific Name: Argonauta
Location: Atlantic Ocean
Description: Unlike most octopuses, argonauts live near the sea surface rather than on the ocean floor. The female paper nautilus constructs an ornate and delicate shell that serves as an egg-case. Two modified arms are used to form, cover and protect the shell. After death of the animals, the fragile shells are occasionally washed ashore and are sometimes found miraculously intact on beaches.
Keywords: Argonauta, paper nautilus, Mollusca, Cephalopoda, Octopoda, Argonautidae, Atlantic Ocean, pelagic octopod, beautiful, delicate, raredeep, sea, abyss, ocean, deepsea, deepwater, oceanic, pelagic, deep-sea, deep-ocean, epipelagic, surface dweller, open ocean
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