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Image ID: 29642
Common Name: Loosejaw
Scientific Name: Aristostomias
Location: Atlantic Ocean
Description: Aristostomias, a type of loosejaw fish, is remarkable in its ability to produce red bioluminescence as well as the usual blue wavelengths. In effect they possess their own private channel, a type of night-vision equipment for illuminating unsuspecting prey, or perhaps for communication with other individuals.
Keywords: Aristostomias, loosejaw, Actinopterygii, Stomiiformes, Stomiidae, Malacosteidae, bioluminescence, night vision, Atlantic Ocean, deep, sea, abyss, ocean, deepsea, deepwater, oceanic, pelagic, deep-sea, deep-ocean, mesopelagic, abyssal, fish, fishes, red, bioluminescent
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