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Image ID: 29688
Common Name: Barreleye
Scientific Name: Opisthoproctus
Location: Mid-Atlantic Ocean
Description: The mirrorbelly fish, Opisthoproctus, viewed from below. These fishes have a flattened, bioluminescent belly, whose soft blue glow serves to disguise the fish's silhouette when viewed from below. Note the tubular upward facing eyes, typical of these fishes and their relatives (spookfishes and barreleyes)
Keywords: Opisthoproctus, deep-sea barreleye, deep-sea spookfish, Actinopterygii, Opisthoproctidae, Opisthoproctidae, barreleye, Atlantic Ocean, deep, sea, abyss, ocean, deepsea, deep-sea, deepwater, oceanic, pelagic, deep-sea, deep-ocean, mesopelagic, abyssal, marine, sea, underwater, predator, prey, plankton, fish, fishes
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