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Deep Sea Photography is owned and operated by ExploreTheAbyss.Com Ltd and is sister company to DeepOcean Quest Productions Ltd. The company began life in 2003 as a partnership between New Zealand-based photographer Peter Batson and UK-based Keane 3 Ltd. We have working relationships with a variety of other abyss-and marine-related institutions and ventures, including The Giant Squid Photography Project, DeepOcean Quest, Fathom Digital Graphics, Deep Ocean Expeditions, MetOcean Solutions Ltd and the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre.

Peter Batson, co-founder of ExploreTheAbyss.Com Ltd, is a photographer and marine scientist based in Dunedin, a coastal city in New Zealand 's spectacular South Island. He has participated in deep-sea expeditions in the South Pacific, the North Pacific off Central and North America, and in the North Atlantic.

As a photographer, Peter has contributed to many books, magazines and newspaper articles throughout the world. Peter's first book, Deep New Zealand: Blue Water, Black Abyss (Canterbury University Press 2003), won the 2004 Environment Category of the prestigious New Zealand Montana Book Awards. In addition, he has authored a range of scientific and popular articles on a wide variety of marine topics.

Keane 3 Ltd is a graphics and Web design studio based in the United Kingdom. The company created and now maintains the DeepSeaPhotography.Com website, as well as its sister websites FathomDigitalGraphics.Com and ExploreTheAbyss.Com.

Fathom Digital Graphics - Computer-generated graphics and animation. In 2005 ExploreTheAbyss.Com Ltd expanded its scope through the development of an in-house digital graphics capability.

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